Ever Wanted to...

..personally hunt someone down in your community and punch them in the face?

Working Mothers are Responsible for childhood obesity, drug use, AND global warming.

Nice to see how the author is a fucking FEMALE teacher too; gee I wonder when the child care bills start piling up she'll feel so compelled to condem the working mother. I mean this is fucking orange county, the average family home is half a million! I could go into all the glaring inconsistencies in this logic but I rather just go scream into a pillow for a while.
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The Sibyl

A Whole New Perspective.

So for once, someone said something significant on the internet.

klmorgan had this to say about why plagarists (and other pathological liars) go to the sheer effort it takes to support themselves:

"So, whitemunin asks, why do plagiarists do this? Is it a lack of confidence in their own abilities? ...A total disregard of the obvious in pursuit of the drugs known as fame, recognition and accolades? Sheer laziness?

I'd say a good dollop of all of the above. But mostly? Fear.

There's a moment in the writing process -- or no, it's not even a moment, it's a thread that weaves itself through the entire undertaking -- where a voice in the back of your brain whispers: "no one will ever care." Not about your work, or your story, or the themes therein which are actually about you and your hopes and dreams and fears. We're attempting one of the most sophisticated and complex forms of communication, and the greatest fear isn't that people won't like what we have to say -- it's that no one will stick around to hear it in the first place. Writing is storytelling, and storytelling is not entertaining a brick wall. There has to be an audience, and a connection with that audience. The lack of which, sadly, can invalidate the whole thing. You're not much of an author if no one reads your stuff.

So encountering that whispered fear is really what determines who you are as a writer. Some people listen to it and think, "fuck it. If no cares about this, they'll care about the next one, or the one after that. In the meantime, I care, and that's the point."

Others give up writing in despair, or let themselves becomes blocked in the hope of discovering that fail-proof plot (or technique) that's impossible to ignore.

And the rest? The rest of them think: "well, I'll just supplement my own writing with stuff I know has gotten attention, fans, and accolades. That will give me the boost I need."

Which may sound clever, logically, but it's like cheating on your SATs. Others may have taken the greater risk of relying on their own merits, but at least they know where they belong -- and how to work with what they have. You, on the other hand, got into Harvard, but are you smart enough to stay there? Maybe not. So you cheat on your midterms, too, and you cheat on your finals, and eventually you graduate summa cum laude, entirely convinced the only way to get anywhere is to fake it. You've never failed, because you've always worked with a safety net. So despite the time and stress it may take to cheat, it's better than the awful suspicion without that safety net, you will automatically come to a bad end. And by this point, your audience is too big. You can't risk it.

(And I have to say, as someone who's been on both sides of the fence; plagiarism is not as hard as it looks. It seems hard, because your accusers have to go through so much material and so many potential sources to discover what you've done. But it's easy for a plagiarizer to be read a book and think, "hey, great idea/passage/turn of phrase, here," and A) copy it down for later reference or B) immediately insert it into whatever story they are writing. CC herself claims she does the former. As for the show quotes -- well, if you ever hang around devoted fans of those particular shows (Buffy, Dr. Who, etc), you'll find they are catalogued and quoted ad nauseum on message boards and fansites. She wouldn't have the chance to forget them -- and neither have I when it comes to Buffy, unfortunately.)

And that awe from the crowd becomes a dangerous substitute for the creative rush you would be getting, if you were ever creative. Instead of the victory over your own insecurities, or the triumph that comes from a well-crafted passage and the knowledge that you can spin a story out of thin air, the only satisfaction your writing can afford you is how many people love what you post.

And it is quantity, not quality, that matters at this point. After all, if someone writes a long, involved email praising your dialogue and execution of phrase -- well, how much pleasure can that afford you, really, when you've cribbed it from somewhere else?

But when a lot of people like your work -- oh, well, you've got something there. Because these people don't all like Buffy, Dr. Who, "Gone With the Wind," Pamela Dean, LM Montgomery, etc -- but they all looooooove you. Which makes you the common denominator! You must be doing something right, you decide; you must be possessed of ingenious talent, to be able to marry these disparate elements into a cohesive, enjoyable narrative. This is a talent, but it is not the talent of creativity. Deep inside, you know that, because you're not an idiot -- you were smart enough to fool this many people for this long. And after all that practice, you've become good enough to even fool yourself and make believe it won't be that hard to start afresh and publish a new, completely original story of merit. But screw whether or not you have the creativity -- you don't have the experience of even trying, ever, so you end up right where you started."

That I think hits the nail on the head. As I labor my own novel, and random bits of crappy poetry, you do fear that all this time, effort, and soul searching is in vain. I just never thought anyone else was afraid of this, but I think alot of hopeful porfessional writers are. Your writing is often your hopes, fears, hates, experiences, passions, and dreams in a solidified form. And as you dare to hold as good piece of yourself before the rest of your kind you are afraid you really are as insignificant, stupid, and umimportant as you think you are.

However though, your writing does matter to yourself and ulitmately the best you can ever hope for is what you find reflecting back at you, while not always comforting its at least true and you can hold it in your heart as you continue to walk down life's path.
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Gaiman's Part-Time Job

Is apparently working as an agent spreading pesitlence across the Earth.

Scans! one, two, and three.

And yes that is not a coicidence the character looks just like him, the current artist (Buckingham) on Fables is a good friend of his. The kind of friend that draws you as the ultimate end of mankind.

Now I wonder if you can order single issues online...
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(no subject)

Since I have a few minutes to myself for the first time in any weeks I think I'll write an update, because I know how ya'll have missed me.

First the dietary needs of large snakes. I swear when I first bought them I though it just be a mouse or a rat a week and that's it. Nothing doing, my ball python Monty is the pickiest of the three and for about three weeks has turned his nose up at any rats offered to him. Today I'm going to buy him a mouse and maybe that'll whet his appetite. Simon too, the other ball has stopped eating, for the first time since I bought him, he too will have a mouse because quite frankly mice are less expensive than rats. Rosalind happily eats anything offered to her, and is well on her way to five feet and in need of a bigger cage.

Which I have to put off for another week because I have to pay $176 in Union dues, and I still have to wait a year for healthcare! What in the hell am I paying for?! I swear at that introductory meeting I'm going to ask point blankly if I have the time seeing as how I work a fifty-four week, with no health insurnace.

In fact its become so desperate I'm actually considering going to school again.Because that way I can get back on parents' insurance.

However I've decided academics will never be for me, so I'm thinking culinary school. I've always liked to cook and most programs to get a BS are only two years long. Except the tutition is about 34,000 and I have no idea if I can claim student aide living with my parents. I may have to move out first, most likely to my grandmother's spare room since Micheal still hasn't let go of the back house.

Since I work for a large supermarket I can simply ask for a transfer to the store close to her house, but living there means no internet and no computer and I desperately need spellcheck when I write. I still don't think Gram be too crazy about the large snakes either.

I am desperately trying to write a novel but I can scarce find time or the energy. I think I may have to take a week's vacation after the holidays to Lucerne Vally (a little desert town with a little motel) and just free myself from all distractions to write.

Yeah, the trip to Germany got moved to Spring because my sis's dog broke her leg and it cost sis $500 to fix, and that's not including when the cast will be taken off. But I didn't think I was going to be able to get off during the holidays anyway. The deli's been so busy just with back to school I hate to imagine X-mas eve. (Which I'm sure every last opne of us in the deli will be working.) Ugh, stressed out yuppies who can't plan ahead, I am so not looking forward to dealing with those in a throng.

And that's whats up with me.
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Oh Baby Asuka

Lady Oscar

For this of you unfamiliar with The Rose of Versailles (usaully called "Lady Oscar" in Europe) its a classic Shoujo anime from the 1970's that really defined the genre. For whatever reason though it was never realeased in America and the only way to get a hold of an English sub is through fan sites.

Thankfully for me though it was released in Europe extensively, and it really took off in Germany. I mean as old as the series is its still in print and avaliable on DVD there. So ultimately I choose that as my venue of seeing the series (since I'm quasi-fluent in German.)since its been cracked down on you.tube. So I ordered ep.s 1-20 in a box set off Amazon.de.

Bad thing about that is, I can't exactly show it to friends now because I know no one who really speaks German and I have no idea how to subtitle something. Unless any of you out there speak German well and would like to see it, I'd be happy to share copies.

At least though it'll help my comprehension, German tends to be a very fast paced language. I'll also finally own my own copy of the series. ^_^

As a goody here's the opening auf deutsch!
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Anshii and Utena

Gays on a BUS!

God help me, as much as I loathe probably 90% of Moore's politics, I must admit he has a moment of brillance ever once in a while.

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shuck cat


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I'll give ya'll a full report later, because right now I am still coming off a nine hour shift that ran a half an hour over last night and I have another one tonight.

I am transferring out of that deli as soon as humanly possible, nightcrew seems like a nice job. No customers, no cleaning, no uniforms, just stocking, overnight.
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Lol, fandom.

Get the popcorn and soda kiddies, the worse idea ever made in meta-fandom is here! Really not even putting a bloodied lamb into a tank of sharks would be as gory.

With that in mind I bid you adieu as I take a well deserved vacation down in San Diego to attend Comic-con. ^_^
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Oh Woe!

Yet another eligible American man has put himself off the market. I am so dissapointed that I can no longer hope to marry this man and happily act like a silent slave for the rest of my life and occasionally pop out a baby.

I guess I'll just have to go back to oogling girls until I meet my "Fred". (Fred reference from here.)
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